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Shop Auchentoshan Lowland Whisky at The Bottle Club

Auchentoshan Lowland Whisky

A no-age-statement Auchentoshan released in 2008, Classic is aimed at drawing in new drinkers to malt whisky, and has the easy-going drinkability to do the job. The whisky has a Pale Gold hue with a lovely nose of rich vanilla and coconut with a hint of green apple and citrus zest. This is all followed with a palate of sweet vanilla cream, fresh green apple skin and a little mint. Its fresh floral zestiness is a wonderful finish. Thoroughly recommended to anyone 'testing the water' with whisky.

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  • Brand Auchenstoshan
  • Product Description

    Welcome to the 'Field of the corner' which is precisely what the gaelic word Auchentoshan translates to. Unique to this whisky is its third still allowing a third distillation. Unsurprisingly then the distillery's style is exceptionally clean and bright.

    Tasting Notes

    Fresh, floral and very approachable.