Aspall Premier Cru Dry Cyder, 500 ml

Aspall Premier Cru Dry Cyder, 500 ml

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Aspall Premier Cru Dry Cyder is the perfect drink for cider lovers who enjoy a drier style. This exquisitely balanced cider is made with a carefully selected blend of hand-picked apples, including the traditional English bittersweet variety which gives the cider its distinctive dryness and tannin structure. The apples are milled and pressed on site at Aspall Hall in Suffolk, England, before being fermented slowly over several months. This lengthy fermentation process results in a delicious, complex cider with a subtle nose of ripe apples and a crisp, clean finish. Enjoy Aspall Premier Cru Dry Cyder on its own or pair it with your favourite food for a truly enjoyable experience. Read more.

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