1800 Tequila Silver Reserva
1800 Tequila Silver Reserva

1800 Tequila Silver Reserva

1800's Silver Reserva is the perfect "set and forget" tequila for your collection. It does just as well in cocktails or as a sipper.

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  • Brand 1800 Tequila
  • Product Description

    1800 is named after the first year in which tequila was produced: 1800 embrace the tradition and heritage of tequila, so they honour that with their name, and their original distillation process, using authentic masonry kilns and copper pot stills. They follow the traditional tequila formula, using Weber blue agave plants from the Jalisco region of Mexico. That way, every bottle produced by 1800 is of the same quality as the tequila which they have been making for centuries.

    Tasting Notes

    Clean & Refreshing