Villa Wolf

Villa Wolf has a rich history that goes back as far as 1756. The winery was established to showcase the Pfalz terroir, and had its first golden age in the middle of the nineteenth century. The name never lost its lustre, but management challenges meant that the winery was close to bankruptcy in the twentieth century before being taken over by the firm hand of the Dr. Loosen estate. From that moment on, Villa Wolf’s wines have increased their reputation and quality drastically, and you can try it for yourself with all of the delicious varieties we’ve got in our collection, available to buy online today.

The most famous grape in Pfalz is Riesling, and Villa Wolf make particularly interesting ones. They are drier and more full bodied than Rieslings from the neighbouring Mosel region, with a distinctive mineral character and fully ripe, fruit-forward flavour. There are other grape varieties that flourish in the Pfalz climate, all available in Villa Wolf’s portfolio – try the Pinot Blanc or the Gewurztraminer, or even their ultra-fresh Pinot Noir Rose.

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