Tyrrell's wines bring out the best of south east Australia. Family owned for over 155 years, this is a wine company rich in history. Established in 1858 by Edward Tyrrell, he soon set about planting vines of Shiraz and Semillion on land he acquired just five years after arriving by ship from England. Edward named the land Ashmans, after the countryside home he had left behind in Surrey, and his pioneering spirit still inspires work today. In fact the ironbark slab hut that Edward constructed still stands proud on the property.

Since then, Tyrrell’s has passed through the loving hands of four generations, enjoyed a storied history, producing some of the most awarded wines australia has ever seen, planing new varieties along the way, like Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Tyrrell’s has acquired smaller vineyards throughout the region too, to increase production and bolster the winemaking community. We’re proud to offer wines from this great Australian winemaker in our online shop today.

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