The Hedonist

If you like your wines bold, bright, and with a commitment to organic and biodynamic methods, well, you’re on the right page. The Hedonist is a trio of winemakers working out of the Willunga foothills, Mclaren Vale, Southern Australia; James, Kimberly, and Walter. The wines they make are rich with the spirit of the winemakers themselves, being fun-loving, conscientious, and firm believers that a little drop of what you crave will do you good.

The nuanced world of wine can seem intimidating at times, but The Hedonist are passionate about delivering the absolute best wines they can make, in the most welcoming way possible. In the vineyard the guys work with classic varieties like Shiraz and Sangiovese. Their philosophy is to keep the soil healthy, avoid the use of chemicals, and let nature do the rest. Could a bottle of this delicious, ethical, charming juice be on the table at your next dinner party? Shop our online selection of wines from The Hedonist today and decide for yourself.