Teacher's is an extraordinarily popular blended Highland whisky that can be found in almost every shop in the UK, and one of the most common whiskys to be found abroad. Teacher’s success partly comes from the accessible price – considering how smooth and structured this whisky is, the flagship Highland Cream is absolute steal. But why is it called Teacher's? And why is it called Highland Cream?

Well, the name Teacher's comes from its founder William Teacher, who certainly taught a few people about fine whisky in his time. The family ran the distillery for over a hundred years, refining Teacher's supple, malty mouthfeel, and fruity aromas. Once the blend was perfected, the family registered the name 'Highland Cream' as Teacher's signature blend to highlight how smooth and creamy the whisky was. In our collection, you'll find this blend in all shapes and sizes, from miniatures to larger bottles. Choose your size and buy yourself a sip of the Highlands online.