Deep in the heart of Speyside lies the Tamnavulin Distillery, tucked away on the edge of the river Leet. This is where the craftsfolk make their signature Speyside malt, the same way they’ve been doing it for over fifty years. Thanks to its location, the distillery benefits from underground water springs at the Easterton Hills, which are naturally filtered through ancient limestone rock. As is expected from proper Speyside whiskys, they use the finest ingredients as well as age-old distillation techniques to achieve the rich, smooth, and mellow flavour of Tamnavulin.

Our Tamnavulin collection includes their core whiskeys – the Tamnavulin Single Malt and their Speyside Sherry Cask Edition. While both of these have plenty of similarities, Tamnavulin Single Malt is slightly more fruity. The Sherry Cask – aged in American oak and sherry casks – leans towards dried fruit and Vanilla. Shop the Tamnavulin collection online here at The Bottle Club.