Talisker is one of the best known and widely loved single malt Scotches in the world. One of just two distilleries on the windswept Scottish Isle of Skye, Talisker Whisky is a deep and elemental dram - a true reflection of its surroundings. The story began when the distillery building was constructed in 1825 by brothers Hugh & Kenneth Mcaskill. The two ambitious youngsters, hailing from the nearby island of Eigg, hoped for longevity in their endeavours, but what they started all those years ago has truly taken on a life of its own. The story of Talisker’s ownership is full of twists, turns, and takeovers, but essentially the blustery winds of fate have always blown favourably upon the historic pots, stills, and maltings housed inside its white walls.

You’ll find a varied range of Talisker Whisky in our online shop, all bearing the trademark peat, smoke, brine, and toasted aromas and flavours. The team at Talisker like to stay busy, with a constant eye on bringing you new and exciting things to try, while maintaining trademark quality across the board.

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