Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort is comfortable being different. Legendary bartender and founder M.W. Heron tore up the rulebook in 1874, back when he first concocted his unique, spiced American whiskey flavoured liqueur. Heron simply didn’t see why whiskey had to be so harsh all the time. Why not make it fruity, smooth and, well, comforting? Great question, Mr Heron. A lot has changed since those days, but the Original Southern Comfort recipe, which you’ll find in our online shop, remains largely unchanged; a signature blend of whiskeys, fruits, and spices.

An iconic American beverage championed by Janis Joplin in her heyday, Southern Comfort has seen it all. During World War II the famous logo was even painted across the fuselage of U.S planes, to remind the troops of home. Notoriously versatile, you can enjoy New Orleans’ prodigal export on the rocks, blended with literally any mixer, or mixed into one of our all-time favourite cocktails, the Scarlett O’Hara.

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