Sailor Jerry's

There’s a lot to love about Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. No bar is complete without it. Sailor Jerry works incredibly in all sorts of cocktails, from Rum Old Fashioned to Pumpkin Mai Tai, Spiced Hurricane and even Hot Cider Punch. Then, of course, there’s the inspiration behind it all; Sailor Jerry himself. Born Norman Collins, he was a man who refused to be constrained by the norms of society. Sticking two fingers up to The American Dream, he hit the road as a young man in the 1920s, riding the wave of early counterculture that centred around hitchhiking and railroad hopping. One poke at a time, he fell in love with tattooing. Then a fateful encounter with Gibbs “Tatts” Thomas taught him to use a tattoo machine. A long stint in the navy ignited Collins’ passion for ships, and when his navy career drew to a close he settled in Honolulu, where he plied his inky trade as Sailor Jerry. The rest, as they say, is history.

So if you feel like life is boxing you in, grab a bottle of Sailor Jerry from our online store and be reminded that there is always another way, a path less trodden.

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