Delivering a truly decadent experience, Rubis chocolate wine is a taste sensation. A skillful blend of fortified Spanish tempranillo wine and precious essence of cacao, this fortified liqueur is about as indulgent as it gets. The process begins high up on the La Mancha plateau in central Spain, where the native tempranillo grapes thrive in the harsh yet fertile soils. Picked at optimum ripeness after a hot, windswept summer, these little red jewels of flavour are crafted into a full bodied red wine, which is then expertly fortified to add yet more layers of depth to the fruity, complex flavour.

Rubis is made by a family-owned business with over 50 years experience in the wine and spirits industry. Inspired by ancient Aztec wisdom, the family began to experiment with cacao and surprised even themselves when they landed on the velvety perfection of Rubis. Over ice, in sweet, rich cocktails, or as a digestif, Rubis must be tasted to be believed. Get yours today in our online shop.