Rekorderlig make beautiful ciders that are beautifully refreshing. They are also beautifully Swedish. A global brand, Rekorderlig make every single bottle in their hometown of Vimmerby, tucked away in Sweden’s deep south. The ciders are made using water from the nearby spring.
Best served over ice, Rekorderlig ciders come in an array of fruit flavours - Wild Berry, Passion Fruit, Strawberry & Lime, Watermelon Citrus, and Mango & Raspberry - each one capturing the authentic flavours of summertime, so you can enjoy those sweet, sun-drenched vibes all year round. Our online shop delivers their whole range, including great value multipacks of your favourite flavours.

Rekorderlig’s quest is to go beyond the standard apples & pears and they’ve been doing exactly that since 1996. In reassuringly Swedish fashion, they keep a keen eye on sustainability too. And the name? ‘Rekorderlig’ is Swedish for ‘trustworthy and honest’, so if you’re looking for a cider brand with strong values who wears their heart on their sleeve, hit the shop now and look no further.

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