Pirie are the original Tasmanian NV Sparkling wine producers. They take pride in having been the forerunners of high quality, cool climate wines from the beautiful island of Tasmania, off the south east tip of Australia. Viticulturist Dr Andrew Pirie took the step out into unchartered wine territory when he planted his vines, recognising the similarities in climate that the island has to Burgundy. Sunny but not too hot during the growing season, which allows the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes to ripen at just the right rate, developing seductive fruit flavours while preserving that invigorating acidity without which no sparkling wine is complete.

The wines show hallmarks of their place of origin thanks to the winemaking skill and judgement of Andrew, a bonafide terroir expert, who was awarded the first ever Phd in viticulture in Australia in 2002. These multi-award winning wines deliver a real sense of place and are great value for money. Collect your bottle today from our online shop.

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