Pernod Paris

Pernod Paris was one of the first absinthe distilleries in France, but their most well-known creation is an aniseed spirit called Pernod Anise. The story of how it came to be is tied to the banning of absinthe in France in 1915, after which Pernod started working on a similar spirit without the hallucinogenic wormwood, thus bypassing the new prohibitive law.
If you’re associating the word ‘pastis’ in relation to this beverage, you’re spot on – aniseed spirit is called pastis in French, and often enjoyed on hot summer days mixed with water and some ice, which turns the spirit an intriguingly opaque hue. Pernod Anise might be the brand's most emblematic product, but in 2013, Pernod restarted its absinthe production based on the original formula. No green fairies will be seen after a few sips, but you’ll still have a jolly good time. Shop the Pernod collection online here at the Bottle Club.

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