Coming from the heart of Venezuela, this is Pampero Dark Rum. The climate in Venezuela unlocks fascinating potential for ageing spirits, and is well suited to the cultivation of sugarcane for molasses. Put these two factors together and you’ve everything you need to make yourself some uniquely brooding, complex, dark rums. It’s been calculated that when barrel-ageing rum in the hot, humid, dense conditions of Venezuela, the imparting of toasty, toffee, peppery tones happens at a rate such that a 7 year old Venezealan rum has the flavour characteristics of a 21 year old Scotch.

Pampero Dark Rums drink beautifully neat or on the rocks. In our opinion this is the best way to savour their unmatched character. For all you creative mixologists out there, of course the complexity of Pampero Dark Rums makes them a delight to mix cocktails too. Shop your choice of Pampero online today and go where your inspiration takes you.

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