When it’s dark, rich, complex, fruity, and smooth flavours you crave, you could do a whole lot worse than reaching for a bottle of Scotland’s favourite rum - O.V.D. The letters O. V. D. stand for Old Vatted Demerara, which is a clue to the history of this beloved beverage. Distilled in Guyana from the finest Demerara molasses, O.V.D is then shipped to Dundee, Scotland, where it’s blended and bottled, just as it has been since the brand’s inception in 1838, when George Morton first fell in love with this style of rum.

George was an unassuming chap, but beneath his calm exterior lay a mind that yearned to do something extraordinary. Standing on the docks at Dundee and watching the freight ships come into harbour from far and wide, his imagination raced with possibilities. He tasted a sip of a new and uncious type of navy Rum imported from Guyana, bought a barrel on the spot with what little money he had, and the rest, as they say, is history. Grab your O.V.D online today and taste the rum that’s been Scotland’s favourite for 180 years.

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