Close your eyes and try to remember the last time you heard the international party animal’s battlecry; “SHOTS!”. Chances are what arrived in your hand was Olmeca Tequila. Olmeca Tequila is all about bringing the party, without the plan. They’re a creative bunch, these Olmeca guys. They’re always coming up with new ways for us to enjoy their award-winning tequilas. Frozen Olmeca Reposado ice cubes for your lemonade? Genius. ‘Shottails’ to liven up your party drinks? Perfect. Olmeca Chocolate Milkshake? Oh stop!

With such a buzzing emphasis on the fun side of tequila, you’d be forgiven for thinking Olmeca might be of a lesser quality than its competitors, but that is simply not the case. Olmeca Tequila is made in the heart of tequila’s spiritual home; the Jalisco region of Mexico. Not only that, but every single product in the range is distilled from 100% pure agave. It’s time to get creative when you shop the range now in our online store.