The citizens of France are notoriously hard to please when it comes to Champagne. That said, Mercier Champagnes consistently outsell almost every other brand - year on year - in the homeland. The French people have spoken with their wallets time and time again, attesting to the exceptional flavour and value of these much loved wines. We have a hunch you may be tempted to do the same when you take a look at the cuvees available to buy in our online shop.

The Mercier Champagne House - and the vines proudly tended by its team of experienced vignerons - is located in Epernay; the beating heart of the Champagne region. Founder Eugène Mercier was the tender age of twenty when he founded Mercier in 1858. His unique vision was to create a Champagne that delivered the type of luxury reserved for the era’s elites, but that was accessible to and affordable for everyone, without sacrificing quality. A Champagne for the people.

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