Malfy gins are proudly Italian. The flavours and aromas that burst from each bottle are brimming with hallmark notes of the sun-drenched Amalfi Coast. Of course in reality that means fresh, ripe, bright citrus greets you at every turn. Invigorating pink grapefruit, sumptuous orange and zesty lemon all play their part across the Malfy range. The distillery itself is in the gastronomically renowned city of Torino, and has been producing outstanding gins since 2016.

Malfy gins work incredibly well in a whole range of cocktails, bringing a highlight of that textbook Amalfi style to every sip. Try Malfy Con Limone in your gin & tonic alongside some vibrant antipasti and thank us later. Or try an Amalfi Sunset Spritz to revive those bittersweet memories of summer romance. Whichever gin you’re in the mood for, lay your hands on a bottle from our online shop and live a slice of La Dolce Vita, wherever you are.

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