La Fee

La Fee translates as “The Green Fairy”, in a nod to old rumours of the hallucinations rumoured to occur when drinking this strong, wormwood-infused liqueur. The origin story of Le Fee is of a kind as unusual as those rumours, too. It’s a rare story where a single brand spearheaded the resurrection of a banned beverage. Le Fee achieved this feat in the year 2000, under the leadership of George Rowley - a true legend in the spirits world.

Although banned across much of western world, absinthe was never formally prohibited in the Czech Republic, and Rowley became aware that small quantities of high-quality absinthe were being produced there in 1996. With the help of The Musee De Absinthe in Paris, George jumped through hoops and fought off red tape, eventually winning the legal battle to distil and export Le Fee from its Paris headquarters for the first time since the ban in 1915. So shop yourself a bottle from the online range of La Fee concoctions today, and be sure to tip your hat to the talented Mr Rowley, who made it all possible.