Kwai Feh

Kwai Feh is easily the best regarded and most widely used lychee liqueur on the market. Produced in the Netherlands and inspired by centuries of Chinese culture, Kwai Feh lychee liqueur delivers the harmonious balance of sweetness, intensity, delicacy, and lightness of touch that characterises the lychee fruit itself.

Made from natural lychee juice and neutral base spirit, Kwai Feh is a unique liqueur that has captured the attention of countless mixologists, ever since it was first released by parent company DeKuyper. The beguiling, multilayered, aromatic profile of lychee, captured expertly in Kwai Feh, makes it a fascinating flavour to include as a crowd-pleasing twist on classic cocktails. If you’ve never tried a Lychee Martini, you’re in for a treat. The sweet, distinct lychee notes perfectly compliment exotics fruits like mango and pineapple too. Explore the endless possibilities of mixing with Kwai Feh today when you buy a bottle online from The Bottle Club.

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