King of Soho

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce an exciting new face on the London Gin scene; The King of Soho! Unabashedly full-flavoured, this unique gin comes to you from the heart of the city. Infused with twelve seductive botanicals and distilled five times for clarity and smoothness, The King of Soho Gin is here to bring a taste of the famously hedonistic district to a glass near you.

London’s Soho district is intimately linked with the spirit of non-conformity and pleasure-seeking. So strong is the association in fact, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s always been that way. However the real story revolves around self-made man Paul Raymond, a.k.a The King of Soho. He opened several famously indulgent clubs in Soho in the late 1950’s, igniting a cultural flame that still burns bright to this day. His son Howard has launched The King of Soho in tribute to the man himself, so shop online for a bottle today to grab yourself a piece of the party spirit.