Joao Barbosa

Things at Joao Barbosa are a family affair. These are Portuguese wines made with love, and nothing encapsulates this spirit of togetherness better than the ritual of the grape harvest, which happens every year in late September when the fruits of the vine reach their absolute most perfect state of ripeness. Everyone under the Joao Barbosa wing gets involved in the harvest, from business partners to friends, family, and even local children. It’s their belief at Joao Barbosa that the harvesting of the grapes is a key moment in the life of the wines, and so they’ve approached it with open hearts ever since the company was started by Joao himself in 1997.

The business is split across two wineries, one in Valle de Junco, the other in Porta de Tiera. The Valle de Junco site offers lush, verdant conditions best suited to full bodied and ripe styles, while the drier, more contrasting climate at Porta de Tierra is ideal for creating more refined, age worthy styles. Whichever Joao Barosa wine you buy from our online shop, you’re sure to taste the passion and love that goes into every bottle.

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