Jawbox Small Batch Dry Gin is a unique and brilliant gin with bags of character. The distillery building itself sits just outside Belfast, on a sprawling, three hundred acre country estate, dating back to the 16th century. Using grain grown on the estate, traditional copper pot stills, and time-honoured methods, the fine folk at Jawbox craft a beautifully balanced gin that sings with clean citrus notes, herbaceous complexity, classic bold juniper, and unique earthy notes from an infusion of locally foraged Belfast Black heather.

Jawbox reflects the character of Belfast itself, a city built on craft, graft, industry, and inventiveness. The people of Belfast possess a hard working, practical spirit. They’re people who like getting things done, and get things done well. And the name? Well, around the deep kitchen sink, at the heart of homes both rich and poor, families gather to talk, to share thoughts, feelings, jokes, and emotions. And so it became known in Belfast over time, the humble kitchen sink, as the Jawbox. Grab your bottle today from our online shop.

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