Dutch Beer

Proost! Welcome to our Dutch Beer collection. Like many European countries, beer is central to Dutch culture, and as you’d expect, the Dutch have their own quirks and customs when it comes to the amber nectar. For instance, did you know that although the Dutch have a reputation for drinking A LOT of beer, it’s traditional in Holland to drink in many rounds of small glasses? You won’t see anything resembling large measures like the British pint, or German stein here. In the Netherlands, they have the 25cl vaasje or Amsterdammer, designed to keep your Pilsner nice and fresh and fizzy throughout the session.

They know a thing or two about beer, the Dutch. Even the climate there is ideal for farming great quality barley and hops. Quality and consistency are what you can always expect from a Dutch brand, just look at Heineken, Carlsberg, Amstel, And Grolsch. You’re in safe hands whenever you buy Dutch Beer from our online shop.

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