Glen Elgin

Glen Elgin is a small and charming Speyside whisky distillery, designed by the legendary architect Charles Doig, and founded by William Simpson and James Carle in 1898. Keen-eyed whisky historians among you will note that this timing coincided with the bursting of the notorious whisky boom bubble, which put something of a damper on plans, delaying the commencement of production until 1900. The boom had been due to a sudden spike in demand for blended Scotch, and many of the 40 plus distilleries built at the time fell by the wayside, lost to history forever. Glen Elgin certainly rocked with the waves, but was eventually led to calm waters in 1907 by Glasgow whisky merchant John J. Blanche.

Glen Elgin since those days has broken free of blends, meaning you can taste the typical Speyside Single Malt character of Glen Elgin in all its glory. Expect toffee sweetness upfront, buttered, fruity notes, wood, and hints of orange blossom on the finish. A sophisticated treat, available to buy in our online shop now.

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