Ghost Pines

Ghost Pines wines embody the progressive spirit of Californian winemaking. They source their grapes from wherever the best flavour comes from, championing freedom from all winemaking restrictions. They select their grapes from different vines each year, yet their wines are consistently rich, smooth, and balanced. The name ‘Ghost Pines’ comes from the famous Ghost Pines Valley vineyard in Napa, where the indigenous Ghost Pines loom along the hillsides. These trees inspired the winemakers with their adaptability to different soils and climates, which is similar to that of grapevines.

Ghost Pines make bold, beautiful Cali wines in the textbook stateside style. Our collection contains all of their most popular exports. The Zinfandel is deep and crunchy, the Cabernet Sauvignon is rich and structured, while the Chardonnay is complex and vibrant. These are core wines that belong in any host’s kitchen, so buy a few online today and experience Ghost Pines’ elegant winemaking from the comfort of your own dining table.

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