Do you love a good liqueur? Galliano is an Italian herbal liqueur, which is made from over 40 different herbs and spices. It was created in 1896 by Arturo Vaccari in Tuscany, Italy. The bottle has a distinctive shape of a Phrygian cap (a soft conical red hat) on the neck. This style of hat was worn by Anatolian peasants during the early 20th century and became popular among leftist revolutionaries in Russia, including Lenin himself. In fact, Galliano’s creator had been inspired to create his drink after visiting Turkey where he saw this type of cap being worn everywhere! If you want to try out something new that will add some zest to your life then why not give it a go? We have all sorts of bottles available so there’s sure to be one for everyone! Whether you want something sweet or sour we can help you find what you need at The Bottle Club online store today!

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