If you’ve ever travelled to Barcelona, you’ll recall that Estrella Damm is, to put a fine point on it, the king of beers there. This premium quality, great value, European style pale lager carries with it memories of blissful beachside afternoons, delicious al fresco meals on balmy evenings, and open-minded enjoyment of the culture that Catalans hold so dear.

It all started in 1876 when a brewing family by the name of Küntzmann Damm relocated to Barcelona from their original home in Alsace, France. Using their brewing knowhow and the best ingredients they could find, they set about creating a lager brand that would stand the test of time. They did exactly that, and today Estrella Damm is the most popular beer in both Spain and Catalonia, where its name means ‘Star’ in both languages. “Everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you” - so get a taste of Catalonia with Estrella Damm, whatever the weather, when you buy from our online shop today.

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