El Dorado

El Dorado rums hail from the county of Demerara in the nation of Guyana. These deep, rich rums bear all the hallmarks of tradition and history that are so unique to Demerara, and are unmistakable in their profile, possessing sublime smoothness, harmony, and just a hint of smoke. The distillery itself sits on the banks of the Demerara River, which flows from Guyana’s central rainforests, all the way down to its seaport capital, Georgetown, on the Atlantic coast. Sugarcane was first planted here in the 17th century, and rum production has barely ceased since.

“Crafted richer, aged deeper” is the motto of the El Dorado distillery, and this is just what you’ll experience when you buy a bottle today from our online shop. Still made in the ancient wooden stills of bygone eras, El Dorado rums benefit from generations of expertise in the farming, the distillation and the barrel-ageing of rum. So expect the echoes of time to ring out whenever you choose El Dorado.

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