Domaine Richard Rottiers

Richard Rottiers’ wines are organic, hand-picked, and sustainably grown. The small winery in Beaujolais gained organic certification in 2015 and has been steadily acquiring plots since then, building a reputation for powerful and well-structured Beaujolais Villages. Domaine Rottiers flagship wine is dense, ripe, and quite concentrated – not the words that usually describe an often-wispy grape like gamay. The spicy, well-rounded tannins are ripe red fruit notes are complimented by a pleasantly long finish, aided by oak maturation. Convinced? Buy some Domaine Richard Rottiers right here and get your hands on a gorgeous Beaujolais Villages.

Factoid time: When Richard first took over the three hectares of vineyards that have now grown to almost nine, he wanted to showcase the unique characteristics of the Moulin à Vent terroir. The plots are all kept separate in order to adapt the winemaking technique to each one’s individual climate, resulting in added complexity. As Richard refines his wine every year, his own appreciation for the land, its history, and its potential grows too. Grab a bottle online today and buy a proper taste of the terroir.

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