Domaine Francois Cartier

Nestled deep in the Loire Valley, in the appellation of Touraine, Domain Francois Cartier have been making exceptional quality dry Sauvignon Blanc for five generations. There are small quantities of Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Pinot d’Aunis and Cot planted throughout the 25 hectares of vines too, which yield phenomenal results, but Sauvignon Blanc is the key.

These wines benefit from some of the best soils to be found anywhere in the famous Cher Valley, and together with this natural-given suitability, the tireless work of generations of winemakers shines through in the quality, consistency, and elegance of the wines themselves. Valuing the gifts of nature to the utmost, Domaine Francois Cartier keep one eye firmly on sustainable and ecological practices, as well as preserving tradition in their methods. Considered use of modern technology in the cellar ensures you’ll never be let down by a bottle of Domaine Francois Cartier. Enjoy yours delivered straight to your door when you shop online today with The Bottle Club.