In rum circles, the name ‘Diplomático’ evokes strong emotions – mostly of envy from competitors and admiration from experts. Not only is their branding a feat to be marvelled at, the quality of their portfolio continues to impress us, even as new rums emerge and the standards rise. Most of their current success is credited to their talented Rum Master Tito Cordero – as well as the creator Don Juancho Niéto Meléndez.

The story of Diplomático started in the late fifties when Don Juancho studied all there was to learn about rum. He spent time in Jamaica - the leading force behind rum production at the time - and learned the secrets of distillations from the islands of Antilles. He chose La Miel in Venezuela to be the home of Diplomático, its elevated and humid location aiding both the growth of the sugar cane and the distillation process. From there, the word soon spread and today’s Diplomático range includes a broad variety of supreme rums that suit novice and veteran rum palates alike. Buy a Diplomático Planas online now to try their entry-level – but still superb – white rum, or splash out on Diplomático Ambassador and indulge your inner connoisseur.

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