Often in life it can be the case that less is more, and when Collectivum XXVIII was first released in 2017 - a blend of whisky from 28 different distilleries - a few expert eyebrows were raised, wondering how a harmonious Scotch could be achieved with such an overabundance of flavours to balance. Thankfully the master blenders over at Diageo HQ managed to live up to their own hype, and Collectivum XXVII has received excellent reviews across the board. It’s not clear if a project like this will ever be attempted again, so acquiring a bottle for your collection now from our online shop is highly recommended.

The art of whisky blending may well have reached its ultimate form here in the Collectivum XXVIII project. The blend contains whisky from every single one of the 28 operational Scottish distilleries owned by spirits giant Diageo. Collectivum XXVIII represents a truly unique symphony of flavours, and absolute mastery of blending craftsmanship and technique.

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