Care for a proper Scotch? Something sweet and earthy, with subtle smoky notes and delicate hint of ash? Then welcome to the wonderful world of Claymore, a classic Scottish Whisky that’s been around since the 1890’s. Claymore is a blended Scotch Whisky made in the Highlands, aged between four and five years before it’s allowed to make its debut on the shelves. This maturation creates a special character and creates a beautiful mahogany colour.

When poured into a glass, Claymore gives off a powerful fruity scent. Due to masterful blending, it’s not overwhelmingly strong, and therefore perfect for beginner whisky connoisseurs – although veterans can certainly appreciate the sweet and delicate blend. This is a smooth whisky that can suit a huge range of palates, and has thus earned its place in the Scotch Whiskey hall of fame. Shop the Claymore collection online right here and get a proper taste of the Highlands delivered to your door.

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