City of London Distillery

Let’s face facts; London has always been the gin capital of the world. For one thing, there’s a specific style of gin named after the great city - London Dry Gin. Sipping on a spritzy Gin & Tonic on a summer’s afternoon in London has an unquestionably unique vibe, too. City of London Gins buck a trend. Most gins that were founded in London are produced in other locations, due to high rents and strict rules that have – until recently – prevented small distillers from setting up shop.

After a long lobbying effort, those laws have changed and small boutique distilleries are now taking on the mantle of new London Gins. City of London is one of them – they started up in 2012 in Jonatan Clark’s cocktail bar in Bride Lane. Their offering is a marriage between traditional London Dry Gin and unexpected subtleties and infusions. Buy a bottle online here and look out for those unique zesty notes in your G&T.

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