Cheval des Andes

The wines of Cheval des Andes span time in an intriguing way. This is a story about the salvation journey of Malbec root-stock - starting in their original home of Bordeaux, France, and escaping great peril to rest in their new motherland; the hills of the Andes, Mendoza, Argentina. Shortly after Malbec vines were first exported from Bordeaux, the disaster of phylloxera struck, devastating France’s Malbec supply. At the same time - thank goodness - the Malbec vines that had been freshly planted in Mendoza were taking root and flourishing, unaffected by the disease. Since then, Malbec has been revived to some extent in Bordeaux, but its flavour has been affected unalterably. In order to get the true flavour of old vine Malbec today, we need to turn to Argentina, and intrepid winemakers like Cheval des Andes.

Cheval des Andes make Argentinian wines in the Bordeaux style. You can expect poise and complexity within these bottles, rather than bold, powerful, or overwhelming wines. Buy your bottles online with us today and experience a unique meeting of New World and Old.

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