Cave Saint-Verny

Caves Saint-Verny is a cooperative named after Saint-Verny, an Alsatian wine grower who met an unfortunate end in the Middle Ages. Tales about miracles happening around the young martyr led to him being canonised in the fifteenth century, and the legends surrounding him eventually became part of the folklore of the Auvergne. He’s the patron saint of vignerons, and is still celebrated today – and no place celebrates him quite as fervently as the Saint-Verny cooperative, which has often been on the brink of dissolution, but always miraculously found a way to keep making their delicious wine.

This cooperative has made a huge leap in the last couple of decades, now making some of the most sought-after Pinot Noir in the region. Their wines have their own IGP appellation called Puy-De-Dôme, which is available to buy online here at the Bottle Club. Lightly herbaceous, super smooth, and with a touch of spice, this is an unmissable Pinot Noir.

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