"Cambus was a Lowland Single Grain Whisky distillery, now demolished, that tells a bittersweet story. Constructed near Alloa in 1806 to make both malt and grain spirit, the focus shifted entirely to Grain whisky in the 1830s. From then on, Cambus were the champions elect of Grain Whisky, instrumental in legitimising Grain in the Scottish beverage landscape. A jewel in the crown of The Distillery Company (now Diageo), Cambus was beloved by blenders in the early 20th century for the unique character it lent to the most popular blends of the day. Pure and mellow, subtle and full of personality, it was once said of Cambus that there was “Not a headache in a gallon”.

Fire destroyed much of the site in 1914, which eventually strode back into production in 1938, with World War II halting production again some years later. The final cessation of production at Cambus then occurred in 1993 due to a massive restructure of the Diageo operation. These Special Release bottlings of Cambus Single Grain Whisky are likely to be the final chance you’ll ever get to taste this legendary dram, so secure yours today from our online shop, before they disappear forever.

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