Few whiskies embody the spirit of redemption like Brora. The distillery closed its doors in 1983 for an “undisclosed period”, leading many to wonder if the much-loved, characteristically earthen, smokey, hay laden profile would ever be tasted again, save for the increasingly limited supply that lay finished and under cork. Under such circumstances, the natural laws of entropy will more often than not take over, and the fallen giant will succumb to the sands of time. But the sands of time had not bargained on Brora. In spring of 2021, after three years of pain-staking renovation, the distillery reopened its mighty gates, fired up the stills, and for the first time in 38 years, a freshly filled cask of Brora Single Malt Whisky was rolled through the doors of Warehouse #1, where its maturation will begin.

We at The Bottle Club are fanatical about whisky, so of course we simply have to make sure our online shop is stocked with the irrepressible Brora 34 Year Old Single Malt, bottled just a year before the untimely closure in 1983. And when the time comes, you can bet we’ll have their first new release. Watch this space.

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