Explore the wines from the other side of the globe with the Brookford brand. All taken from one single winery in the Riverina region in New South Wales, these wines are all produced by the renowned and incredibly talented winemaker Carmelo D’Aquino.
Whether you choose a traditional Chardonnay Semillon or Shiraz Cabernet blend, you’ll be buying an undeniable taste of Australia. If you prefer a white wine, The Brookford Chardonnay Semillon is an elegant pale straw tone and perfectly balanced. You’ll be greeted with tastes of fruity peach and melon along with a well-defined structure. When red wine is more your thing, the Brookford Shiraz Cabernet is filled with rich flavour notes like savoury stewed and currant fruits that will merge into linger oak. Yes, you’re welcome to use these lines to impress your guests too.

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