Boodles British Gin is a name, unsurprisingly, that carries a lot of British history with it. With their name originating from a London gentleman’s club of the time, you can see why this delicious gin became a firm favourite with the likes of Winston Churchill and Ian Flemming. This truly spiffing spirit then seemed to become increasingly harder to find until luckily for us, it was relaunched in 2013.
Their original distillery was based in Warrington in 1845, so you know there’s been a lot of blood, sweat and tears that has gone into perfecting their gin process. Beginning its life as a clean spirit, distilled from British wheat (and what else would we expect), the liquid is then redistilled in copper stills to allow the choice of botanicals to infuse naturally.
Whether you choose the Boodles British Mulberry Flavoured Gin or the London Dry Gin, you’ll never find an ounce of citrus in any of their recipes, because the original distillers expected a good drink to come with a slice of lemon or lime… and they certainly aren’t wrong!

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