Bon Courage

Nestled deep in the heart of the Robertson Valley in South Africa lies the Bon Courage Estate. The valley is home to some of the best South African wines now benefits from three generations of careful dedication, having been acquired in 1927 by the Bruwer family. The microclimate there is ideal for winemaking, the soil is carefully cultivated, and the Valley has just the right amount of rain at the right time to make the Bon Courage wine taste flawlessly balanced.

Lots of different grape varieties cohabit the Robertson Valley, giving the team plenty of opportunities to experiment with blending. They make a mean Sauvignon Blanc with lots of ripe tropical notes, but their claim to fame are their delicious fizzes. The Jacques Bruère Cap Classique Blanc de Blanc is a crisp, yet creamy wine with great finesse, perfect for a sophisticated evening, and it can rival plenty of French cremants. Shop the Bon Courage collection online here for a drop of South Africa’s finest.

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