A household favourite in the gin world, it’s hard to beat a bottle of Beefeater gin. Still operating as one of the last traditional London Dry Distilleries, the Beefeater brand has been leading in the gin space longer than you may think. First established in the 19th century by James Burrough, the distillery once produced many-a-gin brand, including Beefeater which was named after the Beefeaters at the Tower of London.
The brand pride themselves on distilling in a traditional method to create an unforgettable flavour, with Beefeater London Dry Gin being the most iconic. Their not so secret process involves steeping with 9 botanicals, 24 hours before any distillation. This allows for a complex, perfectly balanced flavour you won’t find anywhere else.
In recent years, Beefeater have branched into a range of flavoured gins to suit every occasion. Buy online a Beefeater Blood Orange Gin or Peach & Raspberry gin for a taste of summer even when it's raining outside.

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