Becks has always been an innovative brewery. They were the first to use green bottles to store their beer and the first to use steel kegs to export it. Still, Becks has always been loyal to a quintessentially German brewing style. Our online store features a wide variety of Becks goodies, including multipacks you can buy for any occasion.

Becks is a classical german lager with typically light and crisp flavour. Like all lagers, it’s brewed at a low temperature, and the term ‘lager’ comes from the German word for ‘storage’, as lagers were all stored before drinking. Becks is a particularly well balanced lager with a distinct malty sweetness and a lovely golden colour. Located in the town of Bremen, it features heavily in the yearly Oktoberfest celebrations, but most beer connoisseurs will tell you that the best moment for a lager is during a hot summer day. Grab a traditional Becks Lager or try the Becks Alcohol Free for a hangover-free mid-week treat.

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