Ballyvolane House Spirits

The story of the Ballyvolane House Spirits features three protagonists: Two hospitality veterans and a historical estate in Ireland. Justin Green and Anthony Jackson started off as friends who decided to start a small-batch gin distillery on a former Ballyvolane dairy farm, taking advantage of the incredible natural resources there. Justin actually grew up on the estate and came of age working in the world of spirits. When he and Anthony heard about the potential of using whey spirit as a base for gin, they jumped at the opportunity to connect Ballyvolane's dairy past with their passion.

After a whole lot of experimenting and perfecting, Bertha's Revenge Gin was born, bringing sophisticated spicy notes to the table while celebrating the cows that make it all happen. The whey base spirit expresses the botanicals differently than other gins – so you must try this gin now if you consider yourself a connoisseur. Shop Bertha's Revenge online with us today and celebrate the excellence of doing things differently.