Spotlight: The Espresso Martini

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Spotlight: The Espresso Martini

The Espresso Martini is a gorgeous combination of vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso. It’s rich, decadent and creamy, and the espresso will give you the pep in your step you need especially if you had a little too much fun this Bank Holiday weekend (… guilty)!

There are many tales regarding who, when and why this cocktail was invented but the one we subscribe to takes place in London. Mixologist Dick Bradsell who is best known for shaking up the cocktail scene in London throughout the 1980s is credited with the creation of the espresso martini when a then unknown, now famous, still anonymous model asked him for something to “wake her up and f@*k her up”.

Never one to shy away from a challenge Dick shook vodka, a freshly brewed shot of espresso and coffee liqueur into a frothy mixture of greatness and just like that he created The Espresso Martini… Our hero!!

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