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Everyone knows that rosé is having a moment, once an unpopular drink reserved for youths wanting something cheap to drink in the park rose over the last few years has been making a comeback - challenging it’s earlier perceptions and becoming the thing to be drinking. The roségence has begun.

Not often does a drink that has been tarnished as cheap and tacky make a comeback with a full 360 to become one of the most popular drinks.

Sales are soaring when it comes to the pink stuff and you can’t escape the rose trend on Instagram.

So how did this once ‘tacky’ drink become the drink that it is today?

Millenials have played a big part in roses epic comeback -  rose is a wine that is far less intimidating than red or white. It’s easy drinking, and it can be drunk in many ways - chuck an ice cube in and it’s the perfect summer drink without the judgment and snobbery that other wines have attached to them. There is no wrong way to drink rose as proved by the frose trend.

But it’s not just the millennials looking for an easy daytime drink to enjoy by the pool or to get the perfect snap for Instagram. The rose trend had gained so much attention that it’s now a wine that is taken seriously in its own right. Premium rose is on the rise and wineries are no longer looking at rose as a cheap afterthought. It’s a respected wine in its own right now - with new brands and varieties jumping on the bandwagon.

Rose is the people's wine, it’s whatever you want it to be.

A cheap easy drinker, or a premium indulgence. There’s no judgement, no stigma, you can drink it how you like - drink it with ice, chuck it in a cocktail - or pair it with the perfect meal. Rose is uncomplicated, there are few ruler.. Rose is free-spirited - it’s more than a drink, it’s a lifestyle.

Unlike other alcohol movements rose lacks the judgement. The craft beer movements have become more about superiority than the availability of something small batch, with craft brands attacking the commercial brands. Rose doesn't have this fight, whilst red and white still have the price battle - the more you pay the better it is, rose seems to have largely avoided this. Yes there are premium roses, there are cheap roses but the judgement around what you pick and what is available is much more relaxed than in other alcohol categories, another reason why it’s become more than a drink, it’s bigger than itself now, it's a lifestyle, one to enjoy, one to aspire to. Rose is the drink that brings us all together. From tacky to trend rose is here to stay.

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