Calling All Espresso Enthusiasts: Your Dream Job Awaits

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Calling All Espresso Enthusiasts: Your Dream Job Awaits

UPDATE: Job Applications EXTENDED until 28th March!

Become a Cocktail Taster and Get Paid For It!

The Bottle Club is offering one lucky candidate the opportunity to become a cocktail taster, and you will even be paid to do it!

Research shows that the Espresso Martini is officially the most popular cocktail in the UK. The coffee-based cocktail was googled 118k times on average in the last month (in the UK).

The Bottle Club is looking to find the best Espresso Martini in the UK and they need your help.

We will hire one individual to be an official taste tester over a three month period who will get to try out £500’s worth of espresso martinis around their city!

The ideal candidate will be able to rate the Martinis according to our ultimate cocktail criteria:

  • The flavour and strength ratio
  • The appearance and garnish
  • The value for money
  • The quality of ingredients used
  • Shaken or stirred

Over a 3 month period, our chosen tester will taste cocktails from several top cocktail bars, until we have found the ultimate Espresso Martini!

So do you think you have the taste buds to determine the BEST Espresso Martini in the country?

You have until Tuesday 28th March to enter before the job application closes, so what are you waiting for!

The winner will be announced March 30th.


  1. Fill in our application form below
  2. Fill in a short summary of why you are the best person to be The Bottle Club’s official taste tester
  3. Apply within the CLOSING DATE
  4. Opt-In to The Bottle Club’s Newsletter (Optional)

If selected, you will be provided with £500 to splash on Espresso Martinis. We will even throw in a Bottle Proof Espresso Martini Cocktail to get you started on your cocktail tour.

Booze is always better with friends, so feel free to bring a guest along. After all, with 24 cocktails to taste, you may well need a hand.



All candidates:

  1. Must be 18 years or older
  2. Must live in Mainland UK.
  3. Signing up for The Bottle Club Newsletter is an option and not a requirement for entries.
  4. The winner will be chosen at random.
  5. Entrants must agree that the cocktail information they submit to us can be shared as part of the promotion for The Bottle Club and is a requirement for the role. (Tick box agreeing terms).
  6. Entrants must submit their final decisions on their top 10 chosen cocktails and failure to do so will result in their prize being cancelled.
  7. Review each cocktail and give a rating based on specific requirements.
  8. Proof of age (checking ID).
  9. Competition closes 28th March, winners will be announced no later than the 30th March. Winners will be contacted directly.
  10. Entrants who do not respond within 24hrs of contact from The Bottle Club will forfeit their prize and another winner will be chosen at random.
  11. The candidate can choose to bring a friend (also 18+) to accompany them as they try out their cocktails, but there must be at least 10 different cocktails sampled. These cocktails will be used as part of a promotion to reveal the 10 best espresso martinis in the candidate’s city.
  12. Information including:
  • The flavour and strength ratio
  • The appearance and garnish
  • The value for money
  • The quality of ingredients used
  • Shaken or stirred

Will be required from the candidate along with any photos of the cocktail, which the candidate will agree to have re-shared for promotional purposes.

13. All information on the cocktails tested must be submitted no later than 3 months after the prize money is given to the candidate.